50 questions to ask before the season starts.

So it’s our last month of waiting before the NBA season and after the NFL opened this weekend it got me even more excited for what’s to come. So here are some questions to ponder on as you and I wait eagerly for the amazing things to happen!

1. Will the HEAT three-peat?

2. Which team is going to surprise?

3. Will I get my predictions right?

4. Can the Knicks do better than last year?


5. How will the Nets play?

6. Will Melo grab his second scoring title?

7. Will the Pistons, Cavaliers and Pelicans make the Playoffs?

8. Can Andrew Bynum bounce back?

9. Is Nerlens Noel ready for the big time?


10. Will the Pacers emerge as a powerhouse in the East?

11. Is the Mamba healthy?

12. Has JR ran himself into the ground?


13. Will the Nuggets collapse?

14. Can Steph Currys ankles handle yet another 82-game season?

15. Will Dwight reach superstardom again in H-town?

16. Is Houston now a powerhouse in the West?


17. Is Kevin Love healthy?

18. Is Trey Burke NBA ready?

19. Has Shabazz Muhammad hit bottom already?

20. How will Chris Copeland play in Indiana?

21. How will Nate Robinson play behind Ty Lawson?


22. How will the Boston Celtics bounce back?

23. How will the Pistons’ frontcourt look?

24. Can Amar’e Stoudemire prove everyone wrong?


25. Will Josh Smith justify his mammoth contract?

26. Is Tyreke Evans done?

27.  Will Ben McLemore flop?


28. Can the Bobcats improve?

29. Will Paul Millsap replace Josh Smith?

30. How will Rudy Gay do in his first full season in Canada?


31. Can Chris Paul lead the Clippers to the next level?

32. Who will breakout?

33. Who will win rookie of the year?

34. How will J-Kidds first year as a coach go?

35. Can Derrick Rose return to form?


36. Can LeBron break more records?

37. Will more players get bizarrely injured?

38. How will Russell Westbrook bounce back?

39. Can OKC come back as a major force in the West?

40. Can DeMarcus Cousins put the Kings on his back?


41. How will Iguodala fit in to the Warriors’ system?

42. Can Larry Sanders reach the next level and justify the money he’s making?


43. Who will in MVP?

44. Do the Spurs have enough left for yet another run?

45. Can Paul George, Kyrie Irving, James Harden and Stephen Curry maintain there reputations?


46. Will Roy Hibbert return to form in the regular season?

47. Which coach will be fired first?

48. Can Jrue Holiday limit his turnovers as he runs an offence with Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon?


49. Does Dwyane Wade have another Allstar season left?

50. Will KD over take LeBron?




Let me know what you think

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