Has anyone seen the new orange New York Knicks jerseys? They’re sweet!

As the Knicks step into a new season and into new gear, I’m really REALLY excited! Looking back to last season, which ended abruptly in the second round of the Playoffs when an injury ravaged Knicks team couldn’t keep up with the young Pacers, the Knicks did do really well overall. Melo was MVP calibur all year long, Tyson Chandler was an Allstar and JR Smith won 6th man of the year. Not bad eh?
So tonight the Knicks start out the campaign facing off against the new-look Milwaukee Bucks led by OJ Mayo (Rocking the 00!!) and Brandon Knight who were acquired in the off-season.
Iman Shumpert said to reporters today he shaved off his flattop to signify a ‘new beginning’ which I was very pleased to hear, not the hair the second part.

Throughout the summer I found increasingly difficult to actually write about NBA basketball and I was seriously contemplating sharing my ridiculously limited knowledge of NFL and American football, but that wouldn’t have been fair on you or theanklebreaker but at the same stage I can’t just let this eventful NFL season go by the wayside so shoutout to Megatron for the 329 receiving yards (Second-most in NFL history, for those of you who didn’t know), my Seahawks ballin’ as usual and a big shoutout is going to Andrew Luck who’s going to work in his second year!

Back to Knicks basketball though, I think that after this year it’s going to be a while until the NYK can challenge for the title, because as it looks to me if they don’t win or do really really well Melo’s going to take the first paycheck out of town.
On the plus side Tim Hardaway JR. was really good in the preseason but as D-Rose showed us that doesn’t really mean that much.
Here’s hoping Amar’e can stay healthy, Tyson Chandler is healthy, JR Smith can recover from knee surgery and stay off the weed, Iman Shumpert can keep improving and the Knicks can keep winning!!



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