50 things we’ve learned.

A run down of what this year’s NBA has taught us.

1. Goddamn the Spurs WILL NOT DIE.

2. No one is invincible (Knicks, Celtics, Lakers).


3. Money can’t buy you love (Nets, Pistons).

4. Injuries are everyone’s worst nightmare.


5. KD’s just getting started.

6. LeBron showing no signs of stopping.

7. Lance Stephenson has guts. Lots and lots of guts.


8. Donald Sterling’s an ass.

9. OKC’s scrambled egg offense can’t live forever.

10. Carmelo can’t stop scoring, but the Knicks can, and have.

11. The Cavs haven’t stepped under a ladder, broken a mirror or seen a black cat in franchise history.

12. Andrew Bynum just does not like playing basketball.

13. JR can untie shoelaces like a ninja.


14. Stephen Curry is a wizard.

15. Ray Allen is still clutch as ever.

16. Shaun Livingston is Lazarus.


17. Kevin Love is a machine.

18. The Spurs are also cyborgian.

19. James Harden is amazing (On offense).

20. DeMarcus Cousins is finally growing up.


21. Kyrie Irving isn’t the darling of the league anymore.

22. Roy Hibbert??


23. Paul George is almost an MVP candidate. Almost.

24. Isaiah Thomas is damn good!

25. The Raptors are here to stay.


26. Brandon Jennings learned how to pass.

27. Josh Smith didn’t.

28. The rookie class was atrocious.

29. The Suns are insane.

30. Grit n’ Grind is good and healthy.


31. Kyle Lowry’s a BEAST.

32. Damian Lillard ICE COLD.


33. Jodie Meeks is crazy underrated!

34. Brad Beal is the real deal.

35. John Wall became a leader.

36. Doug McDermott is gonna tear up the NBA.


37. LaMarcus Aldridge showed us the value of Midrange.

38. Giannis Antetokounmpo is gonna be scary good.

39. Kyle Korver is more than a three-point sniper (But he’s good at that too).


40. The Charlotte Bobcats were a bad franchise.


41. Monta Ellis banished his haters.

42. Anthony Davis is coming for your team.

43. Michael Carter-Williams is ready for the big time.


44. DeMar DeRozan is a killer.

45. Playoff Teague/Kawhi Leonard is a real thing.

46. We’ve all forgotten about Nerlens Noel.


47. DeAndre Jordan just needed a new coach.

48. Blake Griffin is the new leader of the Clips.

49. Eric Bledsoe is indeed, Mini-LeBron.

50. Melo’s gonna stay.


Please basketball Jesus.



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