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Happy 40th birthday Allen Iverson.

Of course, this post could be all about him being the best player pound for pound, the scintillating crossovers, the grit and determination. Of course, this could be something you’ve read a thousand times before but it’s not.

This is a thank you to one of the most important people in my life and he’ll never know and most likely not care. I’m halfway through my leaving certificate examinations and the final hurdle in this current installation of school. Like most I’ve had some bumps along the way, some big and some small but there’s always been people around to keep me up and keep me going.

Allen Iverson never gave me advice. Allen Iverson never told me anything. There’s no point pretending I know the guy because I don’t. No matter how much the media claims to know Iverson and throw labels on him, no one knows him as much as he knows himself.
But really this is an expression of my appreciation. Thank you Mr. Iverson for giving me the guts to be myself. You represented the fire in me to not care about what other people do and the importance of being yourself. People might see the cornrows and tattoos as a sign of a thug, but I seen them as a sign of your own personality. Of course, I never got the cornrows or the tattoos even though I own too many snapbacks and oversized white t-shirts, it’s not about how you look.There’s a difference between being stubborn and being yourself and I really understood this when I observed how your career developed. You weren’t stubborn on the court no matter how many people that say you were. You weren’t selfish like people paint you as and you most certainly weren’t lazy. You put your heart on the line to win and you made adjustments, even for Larry Brown, so you could achieve success. That’s not being stubborn. You kept the look though, you kept the attitude because that’s wh
o you are, it didn’t do detriment to anyone else, even thought they might not have liked it. You showed me that there’s no point being something that you’re not and that it’s imperative to discover who you really are and what you really stand for.

Even though you’re not the greatest role model, you mightn’t be everyone’s favourite, but you’re certainly mine.image

So thank you AI,
I’m not talking bout practice.



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