Same me, different day.

Since the last time I updated this blog an awful lot has changed. I did my Leaving Certificate, I’m in college, I started playing football (again), I stopped playing basketball, I started playing basketball again (recently), I have a show on FlirtFm and much more. The fact is over the past year and a half or so I’ve changed a lot but I haven’t in another way. I’d still like to consider myself the same small lad from Inverin that read comics and played football in the yard in Scoil Sailearna, except with a little bit more of a varied interest in things and less of a tendency to be violently upset when a goal that was clearly ‘over’ or ‘side-netting’ is allowed, but life is full of terrible injustices.

Looking back on what I have written in the past on The Ankle Breaker is really interesting for me, because it shows me how much I’ve changed in terms of my interests, but not in terms of my personality. Don’t worry, however, because that was the last part of this post that will have to do with me (If such a thing can be done by moi). Really this is just to let you all know that, on the 13th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s final retirement, The Ankle Breaker is well and truly back and here to stay, but with a little bit more of a varied palette; Basketball, Football, Hip-Hop, Grime, MMA and whatever else that springs to mind that you, the good readers, deserve to be informed about.




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