Maze go toe-to-toe with Andhim as prolific period of supporting international acts is coming to an end.

Maze DJs’ impressive stint in Carbon Nightclub has almost come to its end for this year, and Thursday’s support of German pair Andhim was the perfect techno loaded momentum builder for the blowout ‘going away’ double-header planned for May 11 and 12, the end date of college exams in Galway.13035581_10154134343143103_1741228389_o

Despite the typical high-energy opening set from Maze, Andhim stepped up and uniquely managed to chill the place out without losing the attention of the crowd. Even though Thursday didn’t have the usual songs and high-paced feeling a Maze event usually does, the German pair’s set was hypnotically monotonous and pulled as many feet to the dancefloor as it possibly could’ve.

The German duo, who hail from Cologne, have been on the go since 2010. They describe their unique sound as ‘super-house’ and with its chilled out, uplifting and stripped back feeling along with its undefinable nature, they’re probably right. In 2014, they released their smash-hit ‘Boy, Boy, Boy’, a strange, feel-good track that doesn’t give in to any tried and tested commercial molds. Instead, much like their set last night, it channels the laid back disco vibes of the 80s and 90s and infuses it with the mesmerizing techno-ish beats of today.

After supporting not only Andhim, but Patrick Topping, Ejeca, Blonde, Friend Within and many more that only make Maze’s catalogue for this year even more impressive, the lads’ already stacked portfolio has grown enormously this year ‘We got access to a whole new 13046344_961804220554622_1240448678_ncalibre of acts, that we may not have had before, it’s been great so far’. With plans of producing music this year ‘We’re going to start this summer. We just have to find our sound first and then go from there. We’re not expecting anything major in the beginning. We’re kind of different styles, I’m [Ervin] looking forward to producing just to hear what comes out.’ and plenty of experience supporting multiple big names it’s exciting to see what the two will come up with ‘It definitely spurs you on [Supporting and working with big names], it does give you hope, these guys started off in their bedroom just producing on their laptop at one stage and now they are where they are’.

You can catch Maze DJs in Carbon Nightclub for their own solo set on the 11th of May and on the 12th they’ll be joined by a surprise guest that’s yet to be announced. It’s set to be a big one so get down there and support some good Irish club acts.


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