A place to come to dabble with a lucky bag of Basketball, Football, Hip-Hop, Grime and maybe some House or MMA or whatever I see fit to write about and bring to your inquisitive eyes, if you subscribe.

PS: There’s no subscription I lied.


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  1. Boone says:

    Really enjoyed your basektball blog! I thought your top lists were really good as well. Would you be interested in sharing your stories with another NBA blog at shootingbricks.com? It’s our new NBA site joining our other sports sites which get over 100,000 views per month and growing so it would be a good way to gain more exposure for your blog as well. Let us know if you are interested at rapideyemedia.org@gmail.com

  2. My name is Lamar and I am with Rabble.TV. I checked around and liked your site. I am contacting you because I wanted to talk to you about your blog doing Rabble broadcasts of some NBA games this season. If you are interested email me at lamar@rabble.tv

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